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I’ve had some questions from clients, friends, and followers about what tools I like to use in my business. So I thought I’d start a blog series on some of my favorites. Today, I’m talking to you about Siteground. I absolutely could not run my business or blog without it.

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I’ve been blogging for years. Obviously not here at Scribe Mate, but I also currently run a book blog and I’ve dabbled in a few here and there besides that. Most of which will never again see the light of day, for very good reason. One thing that has stuck with me through all of my blogs is Siteground.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t know a web host from party host. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I don’t code, I don’t know how to build websites, and I needed something super simple. Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, etc, existed but weren’t really things yet, so after asking around a bit, I decided to go with WordPress. So that’s great. I had a platform. Now I needed a host. After researching exactly what a web host was and why I needed one, I started looking around. Honestly, since I had no idea what I was doing, they all sounded ok to me. But a friend had a Siteground affiliate code, so I thought I’d help her out, and I went with that one.

And, wow, you guys. Did I get lucky. I cannot even express to you how much of a relief it became to me when I started to figure out the difference between a really good web host and some of the crappy ones out there. And there are some real crappy ones out there. Some of the stories I’ve heard from friends and other bloggers have left me dumbfounded. Long wait times with customer service, trouble migrating from one host to another, significant downtime… I’ve heard stories like this from so many people.

Here’s the thing about Siteground. I’ve never had a single one of those issues. To be honest, I only know their customer service is so great from other people, because I’ve never had to use it. Even with my very first blog, when I knew absolutely nothing, it was so easy to get up and running with them.

Siteground’s Uptime is Amazing

Not only is their customer service top-notch, so is their tech. They have some of the best uptime rates in the business – seriously.

Siteground current uptime stats

Your Site is Secure

You get free SSL with Siteground, no matter what plan you’re on. When I was first starting out, I had no idea what that meant, but it turns out to be pretty important. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it’s the technology that ensures you have a secure connection between your server and your browser. Google has always given preference to sites that have SSL certificates, and as of January of this year, if you don’t have it, Google will mark you as non-secure. With Siteground, it’s not even an issue; you have it automatically.

Free Transfer

If you’re currently using a different web host and want to change, Siteground will take care of it for you. Seriously – it could not be easier to get up and running with these guys.

Amazing Price

Their pricing structure is extremely competitive. If you’re just starting out, you can get started with their most basic plan, and you’ll end up paying less than $50. You can’t beat that, especially as a newbie blogger or business owner.

Screenshot showing the Siteground basic pricing structure

Ready to Get Started with Siteground?

Follow this link to Siteground and click “Sign Up”

Screenshot showing Siteground Sign-Up form

Choose your plan. Like I said above, if you’re relatively new to blogging, go with the Start Up Plan. It’s very affordable, and you can always get a bigger plan if your blog takes off faster than you expect it to.

Get Your Domain Name

If you haven’t already, pick a domain name. Sometimes they include the domain with the package you purchase, sometimes they don’t. Either way, it’s not that expensive.

Screenshot of Siteground domain registration page

Fill Out Registration Information

Screenshot of Siteground's registration page

Install WordPress

If this is your first blog, you don’t have WordPress installed yet. It’s super easy to do; Siteground has a 1-click WordPress installer. If you’re really nervous about it and don’t want to mess with it, you can also open up a Live Chat with them and ask them to do it. They’ll take care of it lickety-split.

That’s it, guys! It’s that easy to get started with Siteground. There are a few more steps to go through if you’re migrating a domain over from a different server, but even that process is super easy. Just follow the steps and don’t be afraid to hop on a Live Chat with Siteground any time you’re confused or don’t know what to do. They have a reputation for some of the best customer service in the biz for a reason.

And if all of this sounds confusing, no worries! Just pop on over to my contact page or find a convenient time on my calendar and let’s talk!

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