Disclaimer – some of these links are affiliate links. All this means is that I’ll receive a small commission if you buy anything using my link. It won’t change your price or buying experience at all! But I promise – I’ll never recommend a product I haven’t personally checked out and loved!

Every business has tools they use. Tools they couldn’t run without. I know Scribe Mate does. Below are some of my favorites, divided up by category. Let me know if you find it useful, or if you have another suggestion.

Web Tools

Graphic Elements

Graphic Design

  • Stencil – For creating graphics for your social media images
  • Canva – Easily create graphics for all of your graphic design needs
  • PicMonkey – Edit your own photos or use one of their handy templates

Email Marketing

  • ConvertKit – One of the most comprehensive email marketing systems you can find
  • Mailerlite – Not as robust as Convertkit, but you can create beautiful landing pages, set up email automation, and send newsletters to your subscribers.
  • Mailchimp – Where most people start with their email marketing. It’s basic, but good for a beginner.
  •  Instapage – Build beautiful landing pages


  • Loom – Create quick videos straight from your email or browser window.
  • Audible – Audiobooks. Because sometimes you just need something to distract you from the work you’re doing.
  • iScanner – PDF scanner. Scan straight from your phone, upload to the cloud, Evernote, Dropbox, or whatever you prefer.


  • Trello – Guys. I could NOT run my business without Trello. This app keeps me organized and running smoothly.
  • Dubsado – Dubsado is tied with Trello for the system I use more than any other. This CRM keeps everything in my business running smoothly. I can create workflows, send invoices, get paid, manage client contracts and forms. They’re adding new features all the time, so who knows what else I can do with this.
  • Acuity – This scheduling calendar is great. It’s easy to use and integrates with whatever calendar app you use.
  • Evernote – This is hands down the best way to organize, well, everything. Take notes, save PDFs, write blog posts, upload photos, there’s almost nothing this app can’t do.
  • Pocket – I love this app. It’s so easy to save articles you don’t have time to read right away for later reading. The best part is it that after you save them, Pocket downloads them automatically so you can read it offline.
  • The Skimm – This is great. Every day I wake up to a quick rundown of the latest news. These days, that’s usually about all I can take.
  • G Suite – Just… everything about this. Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Slides, Sites, all of the best of Google wrapped up on one super-simple, not very expensive spot.
  • Pomodoro – The Be Focused app is the best. I tend to have SOS (shiny object syndrome) and this app keeps me focused and on point.

Office Have-To-Haves

  • Moleskine Notebook – I’m obssessed with notebooks and bullet journals and this is one of my favorites.
  • Leuchtturm 1917 – this is my other favorite bullet journal notebook. I like this one slightly more because the pages are already numbered, but I still use them both.
  • Pentel Energel – Again with the bullet journaling. I use my bujo every day, though, so these are definitely the supplies that are top of my mind when it comes to office supplies I can’t do without.
  • White Board – This is great for jotting down those notes I need to keep around but don’t want to lose in a notebook.
  • Post-Its – These are everywhere in my office. I’m trying to use the white board more, but I still love my post-its.
  • Love Phone Grip – I love my iPhone 7+, but it’s hard to hold sometimes. This helps me not drop my phone when I’m taking selfies or Snaps.
  • Dog bed – Because my pups like to hang out in my office with me all day.
  • Camelbak Water Bottle – I try really hard to get in enough water every day, and this bottle makes it a lot easier for me. I know that I HAVE to drink 2 of them, and try to get to 3. It’s marked, so I know how much I’ve had.
  • Flents Screen Wipes – because screens get dirty, y’all.
  • Coffee Mug – I have a bunch of them, but this one is my favorite.
  • Coffee – Because woman cannot live by water alone.
  • Essential Oil Diffuser – this gives my room a scent that’s lighter than candles and is refreshing, invigorating, or relaxing depending on what I need.


Social Media

  • Boardbooster – I use this to schedule pins on Pinterest so I can do it in bulk and not spend all day on it.
  • – I love this one! Use it on Instagram to really optimize the one link you’re allowed. Check it out here. Just click the link in my bio and see how it works.
  • MissingLettr – This was a game changer. Set up your account and it automatically grabs new blog posts and sets up a year’s worth of tweets and posts.


  • Dubsado – This is the only CRM I use and I recommend it to everyone. I can do so much. Invoicing, contracts, client portals, document templates and storage. I know I’ve barely scratched the surface, but I’m already in love.


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