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I just found a new tool that helps you grow both your Instagram following and your email list at the same time. It’s called LinkTree, and I am so excited about it! Have you seen this? This is so great. One of the biggest frustrations of Instagram is the fact that you can only have one active link in your profile. Links in your posts aren’t clickable either, so you’re stuck with having to constantly update the link in your profile to get your followers where you want them to go.

Frankly, it’s pretty annoying. Most of us have more than one freebie we offer, or ebook or course we sell, and it’s exasperating to have to pick and choose where you want to focus all the time.

What Is LinkTree?

Well – be frustrated no longer! LinkTree is here, it’s so easy to use, it works, and best of all, it’s completely free. Here’s how it works. Sign up for your account here. Connect it to your Instagram account, and start adding links. Here’s what the back side of mine looks like:

I just give each link a title, add the URL, hit the button on the right to turn the link on, and I’m done. Over to the right, LinkTree will show your specific LinkTree link, which you just add to your profile. Mine looks like this:

That’s it! When you come to my Instagram page and click on that link, here’s what you see:

And that’s it. I’m done. If have another link I want to add, all I have to do is sign into LinkTree and repeat the process to add the link. That’s it. You don’t need to do anything to your Instagram profile because your LinkTree link will stay the same.

Free Version vs. Pro Version

You can see that I only have a few links up there right now. But, guys, you can have unlimited links, even on the free plan. (As of today, anyway) The free plan includes unlimited links, tracking for each link, and a small selection of themes to choose from. I like the green. You may not.

There’s also a Pro option for $6/month that includes everything the free option does, plus more customization options, the ability to add your Facebook pixel so you can redirect your visitors, the option to use LinkTree as a team, deeper analytics, and the ability to schedule when your links go live. All of that is lovely, but so far, I’m pretty happy with the free version.

Here are the themes that come with the free version:

How Do You Incorporate It?

The links there right now are my website, a couple of the freebie options I have, and a link to my blog page, which will show the latest blog post by default. I’m considering adding a link to each blog post instead of doing it that way, but I haven’t decided yet. Are any of you using it? How do you manage your LinkTree?

And if you need help managing your Instagram page, you know where to find me! Head over to my contact page and let me know.


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