Beta Reading

Beta Reading is done at a rate of $1/1000 words, rounded to the nearest 1000, up to 100k words. For manuscripts over 100k words, contact me for a quote. Please note that this is per draft, not per manuscript. If an author submits a second draft of the same work, another fee will be charged.

What will I do as a beta reader?

  • I’ll read your manuscript as a reader, not as an editor. That means that I’ll be watching for things like story continuity, character arcs, story arcs, dialogue, pacing, etc. I’m not specifically looking for grammar/spelling mistakes, but if something jumps out at me, I will make note of it.
  • Offer suggestions to help you improve your story
  • Sign an NDA regarding your manuscript
  • Provide a blurb you can use for your book
  • Expect you to be able to handle constructive criticism.
  • Work within your given time frame.

What will I not do?

  • Take your ideas to write my own book.
  • Rewrite your story for you.
  • Try to get you to change the voice you use in your work
  • Lie or be dishonest about the work. If I think it’s not ready, or needs extensive rewrites/changes to be viable, I will tell you so.

Ready to get started? Contact me below:



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