10 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs (Plus some bonuses)

I discovered podcasts a few years ago, and I became addicted almost immediately. At the time, I was mostly listening to podcasts about books, TV shows, celebrity interviews, that sort of thing. Then I decided to start my VA business and I found a whole world of podcasts for entrepreneurs focusing on building a business, marketing, social media marketing, and anything else I could think of.

And I went crazy. I’d find a podcast that I really liked, download as many of their back episodes as I thought relevant and just binge on them for weeks. There was a method to my madness, though, I didn’t just download everything willy-nilly. Social media, for example, changes constantly. So as much as I might be enjoying a certain podcast, Facebook tactics from 2012 weren’t going to be very helpful.

So I’ve compiled a list of podcasts I’ve found helpful in my journey. Take a look; you might find something new for yourself. The first five are still active, the second five are no longer coming out or are brand new, and the last group are all completely entertainment; no business anywhere. Also – these are technically affiliate links, but since podcasts are free, I don’t think it really matters.

5 Current Favorite Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

  1. Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn. This one is so good. Pat Flynn is a legend for a reason. There are hundreds of episodes, though, so if you decide to start this one, sort through and find some backlist episodes that are relevant to you and your business before you dive in.
  2. Manly Pinterest Tips – Jeff Sieh. He’s Jeff Sieh and… you’re not. I’ve been on the fence about Pinterest for a long time. Like most people, I was under the impression that it was mainly for women looking for recipes and wedding ideas. Yes, I was stereotyping. I have a Pinterest account, but I never really used it. Then a client wanted to increase her Pinterest following, so I realized I needed to do a deep dive into it. Jeff Sieh’s podcast has been invaluable. He and his guests have so many amazing tips and strategies. I was able to work for that client and greatly increase her Pinterest following, which increased her sales. My own Pinterest boards, while improved and more active, are still lacking, though. I’m working on it, though, I swear!
  3. Online Marketing Made Easy – Amy Porterfield. Another legend in her field, and for good reason. There’s something about Amy, her voice, her manner, the way she delivers her information, that I just find so relatable and easy to connect with. I can’t even listen to her podcast while I’m driving, because there’s always some little nugget of wisdom or suggestion that I need to write down. I wait for her new episodes to drop the same way I used to wait for new episodes of Serial.
  4. Build Your Tribe – Chalene Johnson. This one surprised me. I didn’t know much about Chalene besides her fitness stuff, but an iTunes podcast search brought me to her. Not every episode is relevant, though. I tend to skip the ones focusing on work/life balance. That just isn’t where my pain points are right now. I balance just fine for the most part, and I don’t have kids, so I don’t need to worry about making time for them around everything else. As long as my dogs can sit in my lap while I type, they think my work life balance is just fine.
  5. Social Media Marketing Podcast – Social Media Marketing. Of course. The granddaddy of all social media groups. Another one I just sit at my desk listening and writing notes through. I’ve never listened to a single one of their episodes and not found something immediately actionable. You can’t go wrong with this one; there’s literally something here for everyone.

5 Lost Loves & New Finds

  1. Social Media Marketing Happy Hour – Dawn Marrs Ortiz & Traci Reuter. I’m really bummed that this one is apparently defunct. I didn’t hear any announcement that they would be shutting it down, but it was coming out about once a week and there hasn’t been anything new since June. I’m still subscribed, though, just in case. This podcast was great because the episodes weren’t overly long, usually right around 20 minutes, and they just dropped social media knowledge that whole time. I learned so much from these 2.
  2. The Science of Social Media – Buffer. This one is brand new. There have only been 5 episodes so far, so it’s hard to say f it’ll end up one of my favorites, but so far I like it. And the Buffer blog is one of my favorites, so I’m sure this podcast will be great.
  3. Screw the Nine to Five – Jill & Josh Stanton. Oh, man. I’m really bummed that this one isn’t being produced anymore, but you’d still be well served to download it and listen to all of it. Another short one, only around 20 minutes an episode, Jill and Josh discussed everything about running an online business. Marketing, networking, outsourcing, how to create your business, social media, tools, it just went on and on. It was enormously helpful while I was getting off the ground.
  4. The Femtreprenuer Show – Mariah Cox & Megan Minns Only eight episodes in so far, but I’ve enjoyed them. It’s not 100% up my alley, though, because it mainly focuses on entrepreneurs who are developing and selling courses, which I’m not, but I’ve still found the episodes fun to listen to and full of information from badass ladies who managed to make it happen.
  5. Simple Pin Podcast – Kate Ahl. Kate’s about 9 episodes into her Pinterest-centric podcast, but she found her rhythm quickly. I found this one around the same time that I found Jeff Sieh’s, so a lot of the information is similar, but Kate usually has different guests than Jeff, and I like to hear about the same platform from different perspectives. What works for one of us isn’t necessarily going to work for all of us.

Non-business related podcasts

  1. Undisclosed. I’m addicted to true crime, as you’re about to find out. Season 1 of Undisclosed focused on the Adnan Sayed/Hae Min Lee case, since Rabia Chaudry, one of the main podcasters, knew Adnan when they were young. Season 2 is discussing the case of Joey Watkins, a young man in jail for a murder he almost certainly didn’t commit.
  2. Truth & Justice. Bob Ruff is currently working on three different cases of suspected wrongful imprisonment. He did some digging on the Hae Min Lee case in the beginning, but he’s since moved on. His podcast is interesting in that it takes a more crowd-sourced approach to investigating. Bob depends on his fans and listeners to help him with every step along the way. And he seems to be making some real progress in all three cases.
  3. Real Crime Profile. This one takes a different approach. Instead of focusing on one case for each season, Laura Richards and Jim Clemente spend a few episodes doing a deep dive into a case then move on to another. Jim is a retired FBI profiler and Laura is former New Scotland Yard. They’ve looked into the Nicole Brown Simpson case, the Reeva Steenkamp/Oscar Pistorius case, the Colonial Parkway serial case (that one was fascinating because they were taken through that case by the brother of one of the victims) and if you caught the recent 2-night special on CBS called The Case of Jon-Benet Ramsey, you’ve seen them in action.
  4. Accused – this one is new as well, only six episodes. It caught my attention because it centers on the case of Elizabeth Andes, a young woman murdered in my city back in 1978. The police did arrest someone, but the jury found him not guilty, so the police stopped looking into it, convinced they had their man. Most people who know anything about the case don’t agree.
  5. Overdue – Enough about true crime. Overdue is fun. Andrew Cunningham and Craig Getting take turns reading one book and explaining it/discussing it with the other. It started off as “books you should have read by now”, but they eventually read most of those, and they’ve since moved on to basically any book. They also occasionally throw in a random Choose Your Own Adventure episode where they read a CYOA book out loud and try to make their way through it.
  6. Pop Culture Happy Hour. A perennial favorite. Linda Holmes, Stephen Thompson, Glen Weldon, and a rotating list of guests in the fourth chair discuss TV, book, movies, comic books, and anything pop culture related. Each episode is usually divided into three parts – a look at a specific movie, show, book, musician, etc, a deeper dive into an issue brought up by that specific piece of pop culture, then a review of what’s making them happy that week. Always upbeat, always funny, always a high point of my week.
  7. Nerdist. This was one of my first podcasts finds. Fair warning – Chris Hardwick is prolific. As of this writing, the latest podcast was #827. They’re all around 90 minutes and were coming out three times a week. There’s just no way to keep up with them. More recently, they’re down to one or two a week, and I made a rule to only listen if it was someone I really wanted to learn about or learn from, but it’s still good. The latest was Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s fourth visit to the show, and I can’t wait to listen to it.

So that’s my list. What about you guys? Do you listen to podcasts? Know of any I’m missing out on? Drop a comment or find me on social media and let me know!

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